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Dear Solicitor Outside Of Target,

Because I am a fan of freedom, I support your right to solicit me with clipboard and pen in hand as I exit my local Target. In return, I ask that you respect my freedom when I tell you that I’d like to research the topic prior to signing my name to it. You are not doing yourself, or your organization, any good by forcing your clipboard in my face saying, “It’s not like you’re voting. You’re just signing to get it added to the ballot.” I don’t give a flying fart I will not sign my name, voting or not, to an initiative that I know nothing about. Had you provided me with the information I needed to gather more information maybe I would have signed. However, since you were too busy being pissy towards me for not signing immediately you (and I say this at maturity level that I think you’ll be able to understand) can suck it.

Hugs and Kisses,