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The necessary home improvements are never fun.  And when they cost over a grand they are even less fun!  Our shower door broke about 9 months ago and for 8 and a half months we dragged our feet coming up with really good excuses like “I forgot to call the glass company again today.”  But alas, after nearly 9 months of cleaning huge soap filled puddles off our bathroom floor we finally called in the “shower door people” (at least that’s how we referred to them).  Since this was not a fun project, I gave Steve full reign of the decision making.  My trust in him paid off as he chose a very clean, simple frameless glass door which looks great.  On a side note, keep an eye out for the release of my new book How To Train Your Husband On Interior Design In Just 7 Short Years.


The orignal door was falling apart…

…which made it impossible to close

Although part of me misses the privacy the frosted glass offered, I really like how clean the transparent glass looks. Introducing our new shower door!

Now it’s time to figure out a replacement for these ugly brown blinds…