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Being “skinny” has never come easy to me. When I work out regularly and eat right, I’m thin. This year I spent my time watching Kim & Kourtney Take New York while munching on chips and guacamole. I went up a dress size in less time than Kim decided to stay in her marriage. Last Thursday I stepped on the scale and discovered that I’ve gained 16lbs in 15 months. In that moment I hated the scale. I accused the son-of-a-bitch of lying and gave it a swift and powerful kick across the tile bathroom floor. CRASH! I figured I had knocked some sense into my newly appointed arch enemy so I stepped back on expecting to see better results. The same number appeared on the screen (you be trippn’ if you think I’m announcing my actual weight to the world wide web!). In that moment I hated myself. That night I laid awake thinking about all the ways I’d like to change my physical appearance. I made a mental note to Google a list of liposuction clinics and weight loss centers. I made plans to start using stretch mark cream on my thighs in hopes of reducing the cellulite and shadowing under my cheeks bones for a more Cher like appearance. Looking like a chunky Chipmunk (no offense Theodore) isn’t exactly how I want to spend my 30’s. I’m finally at a point in my life where I don’t feel completely guilty about treating myself to a pair of Badgley Mischka every now and then. Sadly, now I’m worried the heels won’t be able to hold the added weight of the precious cargo they’re carrying.

The next day I covered up the dark under eye circles fueled by sleepless worry and began my search for liposuction procedures on Youtube.com. After watching countless surgeries gone terribly wrong, I scratched the tummy tuck idea off my list. Permanently. I’m going to have to face this bulge of lard the old fashion way – diet and exercise damn it! I promise this will not turn into a weight loss blog, however I do plan to write about my struggles and successes on occasion. Documenting this journey to remove the junk in my trunk and jiggle in my middle will be my means of holding myself accountable.

I found this picture at putdownthedonut.com :)